My Gourd Art:
Beach Gourd

 Mask "Cosmos"

Frog and Raven Totem -SOLD-

Steampunk ornaments

"Zenaments" - ornaments

Cachina White Feather

Mother and Child -SOLD-

Elfs, ornaments

Pot, turquoise ring

Haida Totem

Peacock  Gourd -SOLD-

Gourd Cachina Clown -SOLD-

 African Mask -SOLD-

Fisherman Totem

Horse & the Moon -SOLD- 

Katrina, green dress -SOLD-

Katrina, blue dress -SOLD-

Little Buddha  -SOLD-

Peacock Bowl -SOLD-

Vase 'Pueblo'   -SOLD-

Bone Pot -SOLD-

Yellow Lily

Gourd Fairy House    -SOLD-

Vase 'Rock'
The Joker
Art Nouveau Bowl    -SOLD- 

Swirl    -SOLD-

Butterfly   -SOLD-

Warrior Mask   -SOLD-
Chanting for Water Mask   -SOLD-

Raven Mask  -SOLD-

Castle Valley Panorama Gourd  -NFS-

Sea Pot  -NFS-

Mimi -SOLD-

Pendant Blue Bell -SOLD-

Pendant   -SOLD-

Leafy Vase   -SOLD-

Spiderweb Gourd   -SOLD-
Dragon Fly  -  Shell    -NFS-

Lion Mask   -NFS-


karen Fagu said...

I love so much your Gourd art! It makes me happy :D

Yrma said...

Thank you Karen, it's a lot of fun to do!